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Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Greatness of God's Faithfulness

Dear Precious Ladies

Wow! We have been granted the right of entry into the month of September and we are already moving forward praise the Lord!! Happy September to you all!!! I have since learnt not to take life for granted. It indeed is a gift from the Lord.

In Lamentations 3:22-25 the prophet Jeremiah comments about the daily mercies we receive from the Lord. He also states that the Lord is his portion and that the Lord is good to those who hope and wait for Him. In verse 23 he describes the faithfulness of the Lord as great. I want to encourage you to hope and wait for the Lord for He is faithful.

One of the definitions of faithfulness is to be consistently reliable and true. Another definition is adhering firmly and devotedly to a person or cause. Great means something very big, remarkable, outstanding and superior in quality. Combining these two words we see that God's mercy, love and commitment towards us is true, reliable and outstandingly superior in quality. He is daily devoted to us and we should hope in Him.

Ladies, the month of August had now become the month of Lamentations for me since the death of my mum on the 2nd of August 2007. I would automatically associate August with one of the saddest days of my life… but not so this August. The Lord, who is consistently devoted to me, made a way for me to go to Zimbabwe. My trip to Zimbabwe became the first August I have fully enjoyed since 2007. I visited my two sisters who I hadn’t seen since 2010. We had a great time of bonding with their families.

I also had the opportunity to launch both my books and I had amazing outreaches with women from all walks of life from different organisations. I met my fellow sisters in the Lord and shared with them insights from the Bible and from the books. I was given a slot on the radio to encourage the women of Zimbabwe to arise and become all that God has ordained for them. My sister who hosted me was appointed as a Senator and will be serving the people of her constituency. So we had a lot to thank God for. I was invited to minister at one of the fast growing churches of Harare and the Lord ministered to His people in a great way. The very August I was dreading became a source of blessing to many. Our God is faithful indeed.

I want to encourage you to hope in Him and wait for Him. His love for you is remarkable and He cares for you. As you continue with this month I pray that you will see God`s goodness and that His daily mercies will sustain you. May the Lord who turned the story of my August around reverse any negative situation that you might be facing or might face. My prayers are with you and Jesus ever lives to pray for you too.

Much love and blessings