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Friday, 8 April 2016

It Shall Come to Pass

Dear Precious Ladies

We thank God for this month of April which is already fast moving on. We are in our first quarter of the year and we have seen the Lord's goodness and mercy.

I want to encourage you with Hebrews 11:11 which says, “By faith Sarah herself received power to conceive, she bore a child when she was past age, since she counted Him faithful who promised.” By trusting, depending and waiting on God, Sarah received the ability and power to conceive. Circumstances were against her but still she received what God had promised. Sarah's involvement in this miracle was that she counted Him, or judged Him, or considered Him, faithful who had promised her a child. She was past the physical age of conception but her faith in God was not past the age of receiving. Initially she laughed at the prospect of having a baby but she aligned her mind up with God's word. She received what she was waiting for. Sisters, how we judge God, and what we believe about Him matters. In our times of trouble we must not allow our faith and our convictions to be shaken. Whatever God has promised will come to pass.
Last weekend we witnessed the faithfulness of God when one of our spiritual daughters got married. A couple of years back we were praying for her, asking and believing God to bring a godly man. We used to chat and clearly there were no prospects in our local church. Time seemed to be moving right past her as those younger than her were getting married and she would help organise their weddings. She was past the age of thirty and still there was no sign. But we kept on trusting in the Lord.
As God would have it, a young man was transferred from London to our city, Bristol. He was on a contract with Air Bus and it was a temporary arrangement. He joined the church and fitted in perfectly. He became one of the pillars in the church and ended up getting a lecturing post in one of our main universities after his contract with Air Bus ended. God ordered his steps and he got to know this sister. The next twelve and half or so months they developed a friendship and to the glory of God, last weekend they got married.

Although it seemed as though there was no hope for her in our church, God sent someone from another city to be an answer to her prayers. Her family and friends had also been praying for her. The family and friends of our new son were praying for a godly wife for him. We all judged God faithful and held onto His promises to answer our prayers and to meet our needs, and He did. Even to the wedding day we continued to trust God for the provision that was needed, and He showed Himself faithful. It all came to pass in God's perfect timing. There was great rejoicing as we all celebrated with them, their families and friends. You will surely rejoice with your family and friends as your prayers are answered. God is faithful. He will surely bring it to pass.
As we finish off the first quarter of the year, I want to encourage you to continue to trust in God, to depend on Him, and to wait for Him. Do not give up on Him, keep your eyes on Him. He will surely come through for you and your family. Whatever it is you are waiting for, have faith in God. Faithful is He who has promised and He will do it for you.
Grace, wisdom and strength be multiplied to you. We are praying for you and have a blessed rest of the month.
Pastor Fatima Sibanda
Here are a few photos from the bridal shower and wedding to encourage you.

Our God Reigns

Dear Precious Ladies

How are you doing? We thank God for all He has done for us in this month of March. 

We had life changing encounters at the Woman of Worship conference. Thank you to all those who prayed for us and supported us one way or the other. God will reward your labour of love. We learnt a lot from our speakers and from the testimonies. Please visit our website if you would like to listen to the sermons.
Pastor Fatima Sibanda
She has done a beautiful thing.
Pastor Celia
Hope For Every Woman
As we are approaching the Easter Holiday I pray that you may walk in the full benefits of the power of the cross of Jesus. Take time to reflect on the fact that He did it for you and that He is 100% committed to your success in life. You are not an ordinary woman and mediocrity is not your portion. Resurrection power resides in you enabling you to be all that God created you to be. The same power is available to fuel you to accomplish great things for God. The power that rolled the stone away from the entrance of the grave of Jesus is still active today.

The Lord will remove every stone of hindrance from your path. Every obstacle in your way blocking your access to a victorious life was already dealt with at the cross and now you can have faith in God and believe in His word. Refuse to be intimidated by circumstances in and around you. Just as Christ rose from the dead and conquered death, I encourage you to rise up and stand against any tactics of the enemy. When He cried it is finished, he meant it. The grip of satan over us is finished. Jesus gave His life so that we may walk in total freedom.
Let us all celebrate our reason King who loves us unconditionally and one day we shall all live and reign with Him eternally. Hallelujah to our King!
Have a great weekend.
Much Love
Pastor Fatima