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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Going the Extra Mile

Dear Precious Ladies

How are you doing? Look what the Lord has done. We are now in the 11th month of the year. Before we know it, we will be bidding farewell to the year 2016. I just want to encourage you to keep on running the race and not grow weary whilst doing good.

Last week I was blessed by my young sister Joyce when she flew to South Africa to attend a wedding. The bride was like a daughter to her because she raised her up. Kuda's late father was an older brother of my sister's ex husband. Due to some difficult reasons Kuda's mum gave her over to her dad to look after when they broke up. Kuda was quite young so she ended up living with my sister and later on her biological mum passed away. This left my sister Joyce as her only mum.
Unfortunately my sister's marriage to Kuda's uncle failed for many reasons that left her no option but to leave. After the divorce my sister could have cut off ties with Kuda considering the pain she went through yet she chose not to be weary in supporting Kuda. She determined to care for her and be there for her. She really went the extra mile.
When it was time for Kuda to get married last weekend, Joyce went to support her. They had an amazing time as mother and daughter. Joyce chose to keep on doing good and not let marital failure stop her kindness.
My sisters as we prepare to come for the landing, let us determine to finish the year whilst still doing good.

I pray that weariness will not settle in and hinder us from harvesting when we have been sowing. Our due course is coming.
As we proceed and are looking at the finishing line let's keep on sowing good seeds.

Loads of love,
Pastor Fatima