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Thursday, 1 September 2016


Dear Precious Ladies

Wow, we are almost halfway through the month of September and we thank God for all He is doing in our lives.

We are settling back into the UK after an awesome time at the Daughter Arise Conference in South Africa. The Lord did an amazing work in the lives of all those who were there and He ushered us into a new season.

One of the keywords in our theme is Arise which means upward movement. I want to encourage us with the same encouragement we received from the Lord. God is calling us His daughters to a season of upward movement.

Here in the UK, the academic year starts in September and there is upward movement across the board, including children who are attending school for the first time. You can imagine the hustling and bustling as parents prepare for new life and change for their little ones. Some have fears and insecurities coupled with excitement as they drop off their little ones at school. Students getting into their final year of school will be trying to get their heads around the reality of ‘final year’ exams. On the other hand, we have first year university students arriving in our city where they do not know anyone and are far from home. They don’t know this city and yet, they have to settle and get on with life outside of their comfort zone. This is the nature of upward movement. You will not always know your way around things but trust in the One who knows.
Sisters, even though upward movement is not always comfortable, there is no other option unless if we settle for downward movement. Upward movement brings growth and more influence to us, and our growth in turn causes us to be more effective in our various spheres of life. Initially we might experience discomfort as we make adjustments and develop strategies for change, but this should not hinder us. We should still determine to develop ourselves and move forward in every aspect of our lives.

There is capacity in us to do better and greater. Let us arise and shine and allow the Lord to use our lives to bless others. We can all choose to brighten the corner where we are. The sun does not require permission to shine because God has created it to shine. As God’s daughters we are also created to shine and excel in what we do. We do not need permission from anyone in order for us to be and do what our Father created us to be.

So as we move on in this new season, I encourage you to move upwardly and make a positive difference. Your light, Jesus, has come and He is the light that shines in you and through you. Go ahead and dispel the works of darkness for the Lord is with you.

Much love,

Pastor Fatima